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The disclaimer for NYXclusive is as described in the following. None of the services offered by NYXclusive are appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. This section of the website will contain sexual content; this may include nude photographs as well as adult language. The only people who should continue into this website are those who are at least 18 and to have permission according to their jurisdiction. Those who access the following pages must not live in any community or locality where nude photographs were explicit material is prohibited by law. When you access the NYXclusive website, you are consenting to us that you meet all of the above qualifications. If you falsely represent yourself, you could face criminal charges, depending upon the jurisdiction in which you reside. By entering into the website, you represent and a test that you are at least 18 years of age and that you are not a minor in the state you live in. Additionally, you are not located in any community or jurisdiction where nude photos or adult content is prohibited by law. You agree also to disclose any illegal activities or services which are found to be in violation of the site’s Terms of Use. Any suspected minor exploitation or human trafficking must also be reported to appropriate authorities and by entering the site, you agree to do this. All of the NYXclusive escorts featured on our gallery page are self-employed and not employed with our company. We simply act as introduction agency and the fees are paid to the escorts for their time and companionship. When you hire an escort, you are choosing a companion for the allotted period of time. The rates are in no way a representation of the services that you will receive. Any activities that go on between you and the escort are your personal business and are done between 2 consenting adults. NYXclusive passes no judgment between the parties and does not consent to any activities beyond the allotted time that a person hires an escort for. Should any reviews be posted on the site from clients, NYXclusive is unable to condone or verify the contents of said reviews. These contributions are for entertainment purposes only and are written as a form of creative writing. Nothing found within the contents of this site should be construed as inducement to engage in any acts that are within violation of local laws. All content, images, and other material found on this website are the property of NYXclusive and must remain as the intellectual property of NYXclusive. Should you wish to copy or reproduce any material, you will be in direct violation of copyright laws. You may contact us directly if you would like any information regarding the content on our website. All of our services are confidential and discrete for the sake of our clients. We will not disclose any personal information to a 3rd party, unless it has been requested by a law enforcement officer in regards to a judicial matter.


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